Skye Townsend Is Anything But 'Normal'

Sometimes the children of Hollywood stars are strange, entitled and not nearly as talented as their parents. Fortunately Skye Townsend (daughter of comedian/actor/writer/producer Robert Townsend) shows us that she is gifted in her own right with the recent release of her video "Normal," from her independently compiled EP Vomit (gross, I know). Who knew that the guy who brought us The Parent Hood, Meteor Man and Hollywood Shuffle would also give us one of the strongest female voices of color to hit the pop scene in a minute? Skye has the voice, which is light and sweet in "Normal," but just beneath the surface you can tell she has the pipes of someone who can really blow. She has the energy, as seen by her gleefully twerking in the desert scene of her video. And she has the spirit of someone who is both older than her years yet age-appropriate. Did I mention she's funny, too? Get your life on her Beyoncé impersonations here, and be sure to freeload her EP at

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