Nelly Furtado 'Hoops' It Up

Nelly Furtado rocks a multitude of Basketball Wives-sized earrings in the music video for her song "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)." That was to be expected, but what caught me out there was the inclusion of Native American dancers performing a tribal dance routine with large hooped rings. I thought that was a cool touch, and a much more unique look than the video I pictured in my head with Furtado and friends hula hooping on a basketball court. I also didn't picture a giant Nelly walking down the street and taking over the city, but that's included here, too. Although I'm still ambivalent about the song, the video definitely held my attention. Watch "Big Hoops" below and let us know if you're digging it or if Nelly could've come with something a little "Better" on her return to the scene. 

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