Natasha Bedingfield Isn't Allowed Near Anymore Donna Summer Tributes

I happened to miss last night's Billboard Music Awards, and other than the Whitney Houston tribute it doesn't sound like I missed much. I definitely didn't miss this dreadful, half-assed "tribute" to Donna Summer, who passed away mere days before, by pop singer Nathasha Bedingfield. Best known for her 2003 song "Unwritten," Bedingfield was out of her league trying to sing Summer's GRAMMY-winning hit "Last Dance." I won't even complain that her performance was cut short by a commercial break because Bedingfield sounded so God-awful butchering "Last Dance" that being subject to anymore would have been too painful on top the tragedy of losing Donna. From getting the lyrics wrong to sounding like bad drunken karaoke, this is an abomination to the Queen of Disco's memory. I thought that Lady Antebellum's Teddy Pendergrass tribute from the 53rd Annual GRAMMYs was a hot mess, but this takes the whole wack cake. You're quite right, Natasha, when you're bad, you're so, so bad. 

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