Emily King Opens Her 'Ordinary Heart'

You hear that sound? Oh that was just me screaming as if I were a witness to that Tupac hologram at Coachella a couple of weeks ago. Emily King released a new track today, "Ordinary Heart." I stan for no one, but please know I love some Emily King. Although I was aware of her 2007 J Records debut, East Side Story, I really grew to love her music after discovering her 2011 EP, Seven. To me, the difference in her sound between the two albums was night and day. She was definitely giving me something I could feel. Since then, I've been anxiously awaiting new music from the artist. Last week, I was excited to see that she had released new material, but my jubilation was short-lived since I learned she'd only released the instrumentals to Seven. I pouted as I forced myself through a fan's rendition of "Down." It wasn't bad, it just wasn't her. All I wanted was more Emily. Lo and behold, she had something in the works. For me, the release of "Ordinary Heart" couldn't come fast enough. The track could've easily shared a title with The Human League's "Human" or Jeffrey Osborne's "Only Human" because that is just the sentiment she expresses. She acknowledges her shortcomings ("if you're looking for the perfect one this ain't for you"), but promises to give the relationship all she has ("I'll give it more than anybody, you can always trust in this ordinary heart"). Can you relate, or what? Hit Bandcamp for a free download of "Ordinary Heart," and while you're there, go ahead and pick up Seven. It really is a chill audial treat.


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