Will You Have An 'Endless Love' For This Lionel Richie & Shania Twain Duet?

Much like soul music, country has a lot of heart, passion, and, well, soul, so when I heard that Lionel Richie (who was a soul man before he became a pop icon) was doing a country album, it didn't strike me as odd. But what did give me pause, however, was the fact that the album, entitled Tuskegee and recently released on March 26th, is a duets project remaking some of his biggest hits from his solo catalog and favorites from The Commodores. Lionel linked up with a who's who from the country world, including Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, and Shania Twain who he tapped with the monstrous task of remaking "Endless Love," his classic duet with Diana Ross. If you happened to catch the final episode Shania's reality show that aired on OWN, then you saw her and Lionel recording this song, which is Tuskegee's lead single. I give these two an A for effort, but this rendition does not live up to the greatness of the original (or even Mariah and Luther's 1994 remake). It sounds like country-lite karaoke, which is not what I've come to expect from these two chart-topping talents. It's quite the letdown, but at least the music video filmed in the Bahamas is nice to look at.

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