What The Game's Not Been Missing: Skeezy Geezers

By now, we all know what Brian McKnight hath wrought with his infamous song instructing
all the ladies on how their vajayjay's work. Besides causing confusion and annoyance amongst his core
audience and others, McKnight has reminded us of how artists, particularly dudes, get wrapped up in
the competition with their younger, more six packed counterparts and end up looking real foolish. Sir,
you can't try to do what the young whippersnappers do and expect for people to take you seriously. You
sang at Martin and Gina's engagement, for goodness sakes. In 1992.

Brian McKnight is officially a skeezy geezer.

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For so long, R. Kelly has been the resident R&B creep king, with his explicit lyrics and allegations of
misconduct clouding his incredible talent. The masks and cornrows and lack of upper lip hair while still
having a full goatee just added to the general look and feel of someone who makes your skin crawl. And
now the R-uh has a new buddy in cutoffs
and a fauxhawk to swap creep stories with.

Mr. McKnight isn't the only veteran with serious skills who has tried to get nasty as of late. Jay-Z's verse
on Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" is just more evidence of how the dream he sells and the reality of his life
don't match up. Lines like, "I sell out arenas/that's what I call gettin' dome" and "Got the word, I move
that D/Had it by the bladder she like, 'oh, I gotta pee'" are gross considering the fact that he just became
a father. AND he can rap better than those little pitty-pat bars he spit. Newsflash: nobody wants to hear
about your D-work, sir. Go change some diapers.

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Has any singer or rapper ever transitioned out of the raunch of their youth without compromising
who they are? I would say Jay-Z was almost there before that "Talk That Talk" verse. Ice Cube definitely
did, Charlie Wilson did, and so did Nas, as evidenced in his gripping VH1 Behind the Music special. Shoot, even Ice T did it without losing his swagger. Sadly, Brian "The Only Crease I Need to Worry About Is On My
Forehead" McKnight just doesn't get it and is forging ahead with this XXX nonsense, as he plans to release "If You're Ready to Learn" officially next week. But let's be clear, there is no space for the lecherous R&B uncles in
the music game.

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