We're 'Blessed' With Another Jill Scott Video

Any day that we get a new Jill Scott video is a good day, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good video. Yes, SoulBounce fam, it is with a heavy heart that I have to give the visuals to Jill's "So Blessed" a critical side eye. This video simply has too many components that just don't come together to make sense. Starting with Muppets in the recording studio -- and not even recognizable ones but D-List Muppets at that -- then continuing with modern-day Jill being joined by three male backup singers/dancers who look like they high-stepped straight off the set of The Ed Sullivan Show, this video has a lot going on. Add to that my pet peeve of glaring product placement in videos that's found here, and you've got a bit of a mess, albeit a beautiful one. On the bright side, Jill is diversifying her portfolio and this video serves as her directorial debut and she looks fabtastic in it. But that's all I got, folks. Maybe if you suspend your belief long enough to enjoy Jilly's alternate world then you can rock right along with her, but I'll pass.

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