Go 'Walkin'' On The Wild Side With Thundercat & Co.

A man with a horse head heads to work, while Taz Arnold uses a light saber to destroy a giant pinata and Jack Davey serves you a platter of hot shit (literally). Sounds like the makings of a trippy ass dream right? Nope! It's just the latest video from bassist Thundercat. "Walkin'" shows him (minus his headdress!) and a ladyfriend strolling through the neighborhood. Except this definitely ain't your typical 'hood. Miguel's head floats around in a bubble and Flying Lotus shoots to kill with his laser eyes. Meanwhile, Brook d'Leau wrestles on his front lawn. Taken from Thundercat's debut, The Golden Age of Apocalypse , this quirky, arcade game-themed clip more than fits like a glove. The sunny day and distorted imagery immediately made me think of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video, but with much less creepiness. At any rate, take a stroll around this neighborhood and see if you'd like to stay a while.

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