Claude Deuce & Danielle Are Living In An 'Analog' World

For years Erykah Badu has proudly proclaimed to be an "analog girl in a digital world." Atlanta, Georgia native Claude Duece flips the tagline and gives it new meaning with his latest track, "Analog." Released via Bandcamp, the song finds Claude and special guest songbird Danielle surrounded by fast-pace living yet still holding on to the unchanging hand of God. "Give me the real thing any day. Jesus is the real thing, that's why I say," Claude sings before Danielle chimes in. "I'm not ashamed to be analog in a digital world." This bass-heavy soulful groove is definitely a breath of fresh air in a digital world where artists across all genres are diving into that awfully annoying, repetitive, and redundant pop sound. Claude Deuce's "Analog" is now available for free download along with quite a few more uplifting gems on his Bandcamp page.


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