We've Been 'Patiently' Waiting For Diggs Duke To 'Bloom'

Every year, I always mentally compile a list of the albums I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for their releases. Generally, the list is comprised of mostly comeback projects from some of my favorite established artists, but there are usually a few slots that I leave open for those newbies who've managed to peak my interest. Diggs Duke is one of them. Rightfully deemed Bounce-Worthy back in December after releasing his first EP, Gravity, the multi-instrumentalist/composer/vocalist has been keeping busy, releasing another EP, Black Gold, in January and is now back with his latest single, "Patiently, We Bloom." Released just in time for the unwrapping of nature's beauty as winter gives way to spring, the song explores the rebirth and awakening that accompanies warmer weather. It's the track's instrumentation that has me most excited, though. Diggs effortlessly melds together a fusion of musical influences, crafting a song that slow burns its way from a soothing jazz instrumental to a more soulful groove once the drums kick in. At a time when artists come and go at a break-neck pace, "Patiently, We Bloom" has my ears more than hopeful that this brother sticks around for a while.


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