We’re Not ‘Alone’ In Wondering What Whitney Houston Could Have Done With This Cee Lo Song

Along with the untimely passing of a beloved artist, inevitably comes an influx of woulda, coulda, shoulda scenarios — those songs and other projects that the artist had passed on, shelved, or never completed. We tend to grasp at these scraps, those half-done songs and demos that were never finalized or completely recorded, as a sad reminder of the possibilities that could have been. In recent years, we’ve seen this happen with the passing of both Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. So it was only a matter of time before Whitney Houston stuff started surfacing. Producer Waajeed dug into his vaults to unveil “All Alone Now,” a 2007 demo that was written with Houston in mind and recorded by Cee Lo Green. Doing his best Whitney impression, Cee Lo makes it easy to envision Houston’s voice on the haunting track. The fact that the song came post her divorce from Bobby Brown and didn’t make it to her 2009 comeback album, I Look to You, makes it even more bittersweet. Whitney’s powerful vocals likely could have catapulted it into chart-topper territory. Sadly for fans, all we’re once again left with is the shadow of what could have been, making losing the troubled star even more heartbreaking.


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