Toni Braxton Wants 'You' To Dance

I'm patiently waiting for this trend of R&B artists selling their musical souls to the Euro-pop-techno-dance devil (no, not David Guetta, but close) to end with the swiftness. While I pray for that day to come soon and very soon, I'll continue to watch some of my old faves switch their style up for the sake of watching the money pile up. Toni Braxton is the latest to bounce onto the bandwagon with her song "I Heart You," which has gotten a shiny new video directed by Billie Woodruff. Although I don't care for the track, the video makes the song a little bit more palatable. Toni serves up sexy cute as she gives the eye to a shirtless piece of eye candy who also doubles as the DJ. He moves the crowd and even leads Ms. Braxton to bust a move. These visuals complement the song and kept me watching the entire time, which I can't say for a lot of videos.

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