Mary Mary ‘Go Get It’ With Their New Reality Series

For gospel sensations Mary Mary, 2012 is surely a year of new beginnings. Not only are they both welcoming new children (Erica just gave birth to a baby girl and Tina is currently pregnant with a new bundle of joy) and dropping their new album Go Get It in May, the sisters are also launching a new, self-titled reality TV series on WE tv. To celebrate, Tina, Erica and WE threw a red carpet event in NYC’s swank Tribeca Grand Hotel, which included a special screening of the show that debuts on the network tonight. Of course, SoulBounce was in the house to get a taste of what to expect.

Speaking of taste, there was plenty to sample during the event. Guests were treated to Sunday dinner-worthy buffet of fried chicken, salad, and mac-and-cheese as well as the night’s specialty cocktail, the WE-tini, before the guests of honor arrived to the sounds of cameras flashing and questions being asked. Soon after, it was off to the hotel’s theater to watch the show.

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After an introduction from WE tv’s Kim Martin, the show began. If you were expecting the show not to be entertaining, you were sadly mistaken. Between the sisters, their husbands, producer Warryn Campbell and Tonight Show drummer Teddy Campbell (no relation), and the other cast of characters, there’s enough drama, comedy, and heartfelt moments to compete with any of the current crop of reality shows without the usual horribleness. The audience laughed and shouted throughout the screening and everyone seemed thoroughly entertained. One audience member even said that America will “embrace this show like The Cosby Show.” High praise, indeed.

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The guests were treated to a special Q & A with Erica and Tina after the screening. There, the Marys shared tears of gratefulness, anecdotes about filming, and even some news on their upcoming album, which is set to release May 8th. “We thought it would be good to let our lives inspire just like our music has,” Erica said about their decision to do the show. “I think they’re will be more people saying good than there will be saying bad,” she went on to say. When asked how filming the show compared to their work on BET’s Sunday Best, Tina said, “I can’t compare [this experience] to anything.” It was a courteous response that got the thumbs up from their manager Mitch, who, along with their mother and Erica’s newborn baby, was sitting in the audience.

The reality show is a slice of life that actually feels real. It gives you a chance to get up close and personal with the sisters and see them in all facets of their life. And, since it was filmed during the course of its creation, you’ll also get a behind the scenes look at the making of Go Get It. If you want to see what the fuss is about for yourself, tune into WE tv tonight at 10 pm EST/9 pm CST to catch the premiere of Mary Mary.

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