The Robert Glasper Experiment & Yasiin Bey's 'Black Radio' Is Crash Protected

Today marks a joyous occasion with the release of Robert Glasper Experiment's long-awaited and highly-anticipated Black Radio. Ever since learning of this album last year, nails have been bitten down to nubs here at SBHQ while we waited to hear this album in all of its glorious entirety after being teased by selections from KING, Badu, and Musiq and Chrisette. Black Radio is everything that what we hoped it would be, everything that urban radio isn't, and a definite early contender for Album of the Year. Yes, it's that good. Hopefully you've already learned that for yourself after NPR's sneak preview last week and now that the opportunity to buy the album is here. If you still need a nudge (or a push), then here is the lyric video for the album's title cut featuring Yasiin Bey for you to feast your eyes and ears on. Bey's lyrics soar on the wings of love as we see an airplane flying high in the sky until it experiences some engine trouble and begins a perilous descent. That's when his lyrics about the "only thing to survive the crash, black radio" are the most profound. This music is as resilient as an aircraft's black box. [H/T: OKP]

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