Teri Tobin Sounds 'So Good'

There are certain people who when they tell me to check out an artist, I listen no questions asked. But there are also certain times when I get caught sleeping even when my music pushers feed my habit. What can I say, an inbox overflowing with music is both a blessing and a curse. With that said, my good buddy Ahmed Sirour tried to hip me to Teri Tobin some time last year, and I never got around to giving her music a good listen. That personal failure will be rectified post haste after wrapping my ears around her new single, "So Good To Me," the first from her sophomore album of the same name scheduled to be released on June 12th. "So Good To Me" is a duet featuring Morris Alan (also a new name and voice who I'll be checking out) in the tradition of the great duets of old. Think Marvin and TammiDonny and Roberta, or Lionel and Diana. Add Teri and Morris to that list with this pleasing love ballad, which is both Quiet Storm-ready and fit for a wedding playlist. They sound perfect together singing about that forever kinda love. It doesn't get any sweeter than this.

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