Spend A 'Day' At Sea With Quadron

Quadron and their self-titled debut has been the musical gift that keeps on giving, it seems. After signing with Plug Research and releasing it stateside, they've released single after single and video after video from the project. But no song has struck me quite the same way as "Day." That song, which I heard when the duo was first named Bounce-Worthy, was an unexpected, haunting breath of fresh air that I've listened to countless times since. Now, they've gone and released an official video for the track that fits its mood perfectly. In it, we see Coco O. (band mate Robin Hannibal is M.I.A. this go around) standing at the bow of a ship just before she jumps into the Caribbean and swims in its beautiful blue waters. Once she surfaces, we then see her rowing in a boat. The entire time the song is playing, she never once mouths the words. It's fitting, though, as the song is such a quiet and peaceful one that words don't need to be spoken at all. If you need a peaceful respite today, dive into the tranquil waters of "Day."

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