Ruben Studdard Is 'Single' & Ready To Mingle

I never pegged Ruben Studdard as the thirsty type. After all, when you're a cuddly Velvet Teddy Bear who can sing like Luther, women readily throw their Victoria's Secrets like paper airplanes your way. Or so I've heard. But after going through a divorce, Big Rube apparently needs to get his groove back, and he's put his plight to song and now video with the release of the visuals to "June 28th (I'm Single)." The clip takes the TMI-ness of the song's lyrics and loosely plays them out. Ruben's former bride kicks him to the curb then he's on to the next...and the next...and the next. I don't doubt that Ruben has been pulling the honies now that he's back on the market, but, like the song, it all just comes across as a little corny. 

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