Put Your 'Trust' in Sango

Sango might not be a name you're familiar with, but it should be. The talented producer and musician caught the ear of the world with his inventive remixes of songs by artists like Aaliyah, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Little Dragon. Now he's ready to show the world just what he can do. Today, he releases his debut EP for Soulection, Trust Me. Expanding upon his initial work and remixes, Sango crafts instrumentals that take familiar hip-hop elements and expand them into ambient masterpieces. Look no further than the set's first single, "Never-Ending," for proof of this. It skitters and handclaps along with percussion that sounds like it should be in a Drake song, but its synth and vocal sample instead float above it like clouds. And that's only a small taste of what Trust Me has to offer. The EP is out today, so if you're a fan of dope instrumentals, check out the stream below and then head over here to pick it up.


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