Lydia Rene Finds Her ‘Prototype’

Outkast‘s “Prototype” has been covered several (thousand) times since it was heard on Andre 3000‘s The Love Below in 2003. Something about the loving and sincere lyrics just seems to resonate with many a soul singer and hopeless romantic. The latest artist to pick up the Dre 3K’s mantle is the Bounce-Worthy Lydia Rene. Her version is infused with a little bit of jazz improvisation and smooth, tranquil vocals that underscore the lovely revelation of the lyrics. Ms. Rene isn’t exactly new to the scene, having already released three EPs since 2009. However, with a talent like hers, it’s never too late to take notice. This cover of “Prototype” can be found on her latest EP, Lydia Rene LIVE @ The Tin Angel. And, wouldn’t you know it, you can grab it and her other EPs for free via her Bandcamp page.

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