LaToiya Williams Offers Up A Much 'Different Reality' From The Norm

Every once in a while, an artist comes along that leaves me absolutely befuddled as to why they aren't way bigger than they are. For the past 10 years or so, LaToiya Williams has been one of them. After linking up with Snoop Dogg's camp and releasing the video for the '70s-tinged "Fallen Star," it seemed she was zooming up the highway to stardom. For one reason or another, Williams' golden pipes didn't seem to be enough to send her straight to the top. Whether it was poor marketing, lack of support, or any of the other plethora of reasons it could be, it's hard to understand why this sista isn't a household name. With a voice as golden as hers, she easily stands out in the ever-expanding sea of mediocrity that has plagued airwaves for years. So when something new surfaces from her, needless to say, I wait with fingers and toes crossed that now will finally be her time. A little over a month ago, she posted a YouTube clip of her latest song, "Different Reality." Issue me a late pass for taking this long to discover it, but boy am I glad I did. Beautiful in its simplicity, this mellow groove further proves that Williams' career should be much further along than it is. Hopefully with whatever she has cooking up in her musical kitchen, she will finally get her chance to shine.

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