Jon B. Comes Back With Another Good 'One'

After a three-year absence, R&B crooner Jon B. is back with his (regrettably titled) seventh studio album, Comfortable Swagg, and the video for the lead single "Only One." Having blamed the underperformance of his last few albums on poor label backing, Swagg is the first release on his indie label, Vibezelect Inc. And though the video looks very much the indie effort -- with cheesy editing and some questionable styling choices -- it's gorgeously lit and elegant in its simplicity. (Besides, if half the budget went to hiring his lovely onscreen love interest, it was money well spent.) Video aside, the song is kinda brilliant, and gets better with each listen. This is definitely post-Drake Jon B. -- slightly Auto-Tuned vocals on a sparse, spacey track, complete with Prince Dream-esque snare drum. Yet it's entirely familiar and true to his '90's sound -- a moodier mélange of "Do It All Again" and "They Don't Know." Definitely worth repeated spins.


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