Is RaVaughn Serving Up The ‘Same Ol BS?’

There are a few things you can count on in life. The world will keep on spinning, Chris Brown will continue to tweet utter f–kery on his Twitter page and that there will never be a shortage of what I like to call “I’m-so-tired-of-his-bull-crap-so-get-to-stepping” songs. Newcomer RaVaughn is the latest artist to throw her hat into the ring with her own version of the latter with the release of her video “Same Ol BS.” While she brings nothing new to the table in terms of subject matter, it’s clear that she has the talent. In addition to falling victim to stale subject matter, she also joins a host of other female artists who spend way too much time singing in their highest register. An unfortunate thing because when she takes it down a few notches, her voice really shines. However, I’m not giving up hope on her just yet. Signed to Ne-Yo‘s label Compound Entertainment, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that with the right material, RaVaughn could become a force to be reckoned with.

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