'He Said, She Said', We Said DivaGeek Got Next!

DivaGeek are the latest, soulful musical duo to come out of the UK, and, if you were as impressed by their recent album sampler and snippets of live material included in their EPK as we were, then their first single, "He Said, She Said," should definitely put a big smile on your face. Ben Jones holds down the musical side of things while Vula Malinga (of Basement Jaxx fame) handles the vocals and songwriting -- a winning combo we are sure you will agree. While there is no word on when the album, or in fact the single, will be released they have given us a video of a live rendition of the track to feast our eyes and ears upon. The video is shows a handful of London's finest -- that's Ben on drums -- working it out in the studio and was filmed by our musical friends over at PINBOARDblog. This is the first in a planned series of three live videos leading up to the official release, which, we hope, is sooner rather than later. That voice that Vula possesses has been in the shadows for way too long!

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