Give This Krystal Klear & Olivier DaySoul Collaboration Some ‘Thought’

We may be late to the Krystal Klear and Olivier DaySoul party, but as they say it’s better late than never. This gem from the Irish producer and DC vocalist dropped back in December — my excuse for missing it was the Christmas madness, and I’m sticking with it — with a digital release taking place last month. We have been following Olivier’s output for a while here at SoulBounce, but Krystal Klear is a new name to me, albeit but one I will be checking for after hearing their joint effort, “Never Thought You Would Go.” The track takes its cues from early ’90’s R&B and New Jack Swing, but with a modern twist, and Olivier is in top vocal form. If you like this, then just wait till you hear the B-side “Wastin’ Time.” Smooooth is the word. This will be on repeat all weekend.


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