Does Cassie Play Herself In ‘King Of Hearts’?

Just the other day I was riding around in the whip listening to one of my playlists, and Cassie‘s “Me & U” came on. Judge me if you want, but I pumped my stereo up and got a few good bodyrolls in while sitting in traffic. Her well-documented vocal inabilities notwithstanding, that song was the jam when it came out thanks in large part to her former boo Ryan Leslie handling the production. But as soon as Diddy “heard it was good” he swooped in and scooped her up it was a wrap on RLes and Cassie’s relationship — personal and working. Since that time, she of paper thin vocal cords has attempted to get people to give any damns about her music to no avail, but that Diddy doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone and just let his arm candy sit down somewhere and give good face. He signed her to Bad Boy, and her new dance single “King of Hearts” is infiltrating airwaves like a virus with the video doing the same online. Cassie’s voice is Auto-Tuned to within an inch of its life, but considering what is topping the pop music charts these days this par for the course and will probably be a hit. To her credit, she looks gorgeous in the video, but it’s just further proof that Cassie is someone who needs to be seen and not heard. 

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