Day26 Show What They've Been Up To 'Lately'

Am I the only one who thought that Day26 had broken up? Since they're no longer reality TV staples, I had no clue that they were still together much less recording new material, which will find its way onto a new album entitled New Day to be released some time this year. Since then, they've lost one member and gained a new record label (they're still on Atlantic though no longer signed to Bad Boy), and now they've dropped the single "Made Love Lately," which has a new video to go with. I was all set to roast these dudes just on G.P., but surprisingly enough the song isn't bad at all and the fellas all sound good getting their Jodeci II Men on. Can't hate on that. As far as the video is concerned, the quartet find themselves in the middle of a desert for no explicable reason, and while they sing and kick up dust we see a couple exit a private jet and enter a luxury vehicle. Everything isn't all champagne and pass the Grey Poupon, though. There's trouble in their paradise and next thing you know the woman starts to fantasize about getting busy with each member of Day26. It's not as scandalous as it sounds, however, and the ending involves her driving off into the sunset to freedom and leaving her man behind. Never mind that she drove off in his car. What's a little grand theft between lovers?

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