Chris Turner & Steve McKie 'Seem' Just Right On This Stevie Remake

It takes some major cajones even consider touching a Stevie Wonder song. Although many have tried, there have been only a handful of successful attempts that I can recall. And thanks to this studio clip of Chris Turner giving Stevie's "Seems So Long" a whirl, there's one more redux to add to my short but sweet list. Turner and producer extraordinaire Steve McKie unite on this fluid rendition of the gem. It isn't Turner's first go-round covering a Wonder classic; "Rocket Love" regularly finds itself into his set list and he paid homage to Earth Day last year with his version of "Feeding Off the Love of the Land." While nothing will ever top a Stevie Wonder original, Turner does it justice with his effortless vocals. Does this mean we're one step closer to a full release? I sure hope so. Until then, teasers like this will have to do.

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