Santigold Opens Her 'Big Mouth'

Never one to be coy, Santigold has always spoken with a megaphone to the sky and since she's been dormant for four years, she's had a lot of words cooped up. So, in a way, we can slightly forgive her as she taunts and heckles the likes of plastic pop stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry in her new track, "Big Mouth"(which you can snag for the low price of an e-mail via her website). Don't expect this to be the first jab, as she is retaliating against her disdain for fake society and creating her own space for her active imagination when she finally drops her long-anticipated sophomore album, Master Of My Make-Believe. Even though the Afro-beat pounce of "Big Mouth" isn't the stunner I was hoping to come from Santi, the acid trip of its accompanying video is worth taking several views -- just in case your mind isn't fully scrambled by the squiggly cartoons the first time. Still I hope that with MOMMB, Ms. Santi White comes harder and sticks to being an innovator and not a hater.

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