Quantic, Alice Russell & Combo Bárbaro Show Us The ‘Light’

Sometimes the most simple of music videos can be the most amazing. Big budget affairs with special effects, cameos from the hot actor/actress du jour, and exotic locations are all fine and good. But often less is more and nothing beats just a camera capturing footage of real artists during a recording session, which is what we have here in this clip of Quantic and Alice Russell featuring the Combo Bárbaro. This video is not for “Look Around the Corner,” however, but it’s for the song “I’ll Keep My Light In My Window,” which is also taken from their upcoming album, Look Around the Corner. The video begins with a tight shot on the Combo Bárbaro’s percussionist before going around the room in a circle revealing one musician after another on their respective instruments and Ms. Russell belting out the song with Sharlene Hector and LaDonna Harley-Peters on supporting vocals. Alice makes singing with so much soul and passion look effortless — and for her it is. The song itself is incredible (the strings are a highlight), but I’d expect nothing less from this combo of talent. Watch below and try to wait patiently for Look Around the Corner‘s April 2nd release on Tru Thoughts. Shout out to one of our tweeps for the heads up.

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