Olivia Gets Serious In 'Walk Away'

Now that this season of Love & Hip Hop is over, we won't get to see Olivia go through her weekly music game hustle struggle. But don't despair! We can see her on-demand in her new music video for the song "Walk Away," which premiered a few weeks ago on Love & Hip Hop to little fanfare. The visuals, however, are sure to get people talking where the song wouldn't. Tackling the issue of domestic violence, Olivia plays the friend of a woman who is in an abusive relationship. Olivia and a sister circle (I see you Tionna Smalls) try to talk some sense into this young lady to get her to walk away, and just when you think she comes to her senses, she changes her mind. The video itself ends on a very sobering note with domestic violence statistics, and although this is fiction we can't help but wonder if she'll become one.

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