Morning Soul: I Never Would've Thought We'd Be Breaking Up Like This

  • Beyoncé and Jay-Z have reportedly named Oprah Winfrey as godmother to their daughter, Blue Ivy. That Kelly Rowland can't win for losing. [IDOL]
  • Will Smith and Simon Cowell plan to a launch a search for the world's best DJs. Wonder what the people behind Master of the Mix think about that? [VIBE]
  • Reps for Whitney Houston are dismissing claims that she is broke, saying "people get paid to make movies." Yeah, that is how it worked out for Kim Kardashian. [C+D]
  • In the spirit of Kanye, movies didn't like music people after the Academy Awards only recognizes two songs with nominations this year. Mary J. Blige, you were ROBBED. [HF]

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