Kyauna Clarke Has 'Something' To 'Say'

There are a handful of people who when they tell me to listen to something or someone new I don't even hesitate because I know that it'll be dope. My girl Ayah is one of those people, having introduced me to the wonders of fellow Toronto talents such as Slakah the Beatchild, Richie Hennessy, Tona, and Sandie Black. Now she's put me on to a young songstress by the name of Kyauna Clarke, and I can't help but pay it forward. Kyauna is one of Ayah's background singers who released a mixtape, Queen of Hearts, last year and has a new video for the song "Say Something" for our viewing pleasure. Kyauna channels all the angst of being too shy to talk to the object of your unrequited affection, and the video's high school setting is the perfect backdrop for the story to play out. Knowing that a closed mouth doesn't get fed -- or get the guy -- she gathers the courage to speak up and that's when sparks fly. The video is totally cute, and if you've ever played the shy role, then this is the song for you.

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