Jean Grae Has Something For 'U & Me & Everyone We Know'

Wasting no time to drop some new hotness on us for the new year is Jean Grae who on January 1st blessed the world with "U & Me & Everyone We Know," the first single from her upcoming album Cake or Death. This jazzy lament on a lost love is quite a welcome surprise from one of the dopest femcees breathing right now. You might find yourself getting lost in the minute and a half instrumental intro to the track before Jean Greasy slides in with her lyrics, but keep listening because it only gets better. She remembers the good times with her former lover, but in the end realizes that "I gotta shut the door on you so I can find out who is next for me." If you've ever had such an epiphany in your love life, then you'll be able to relate. I see that I have to get my Best of 2012 playlist started immediately. 


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