It’s Phonte’s Time To ‘Reign’ Supreme

I swear that I have psychic powers. I’m not saying that I’m Miss Cleo or anything nor suggesting that you call me now for your free reading, but sometimes I think of something random and then it happens. Case in point, just the other day I thought to myself that Phonte needs to release some visuals to accompany the songs on Charity Starts at Home, and — BAM! — what do I get in my inbox today but a link to a New Tigallo! New Tigallo! New Tigallo! video? Now if I could only channel my abilities to pick the lottery numbers I’d really be doing something, but I’ve hit the jackpot nonetheless with Tay’s vid for “Dance in the Reign,” one of my many favorites from CSAH. The “pro with the prose” kicks the ballistics to us in this black-and-white part concert film/part rapper-spitting-to-the-camera video. Director Kenneth Price captures all of Phonte’s energy while on stage with 9th Wonder on their current tour and the love that the typical audience gives right back to him. You don’t need to be a psychic to see that.

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