Get Your 'Life' With Yuna

The best musical moments are often the ones that catch you by surprise. I remembered this yesterday when I stumbled upon Malaysian chanteuse (and talented photographer) Yuna and her single "Live Your Life." The Pharrell Williams-produced mid-tempo offering is giving me everything I need. From Pharrell's surprisingly mellow production to Yuna's unconventionally quiet-but-sure delivery, everything here just works. The upbeat and inspirational lyrics only serve to further cement this song's status as my latest obsession (full confession: I've played it at least 15 times since first hearing it). Yuna is signed to FADER Label, which is brought to you by the tastemakers of FADER Magazine (and musical home to folks like Saul Williams), so expect to hear a lot more from her way in the coming months. Yuna might not have been on my radar at all this year, but I'll definitely be checking for her self-titled debut when it's released this spring. You can check out "Live Your Life" below and purchase it on iTunes now. Be sure to stay through the bounce for her rather soulful cover of Nirvana's alternative classic "Come As You Are," as well.

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