D’Angelo Continues To Give Us ‘Life’

I can say with all confidence that D’Angelo fans have had the best 24 hours ever. That’s certainly the case for this D’Angelo fan who can’t believe that the long-standing dream of his triumphant return to the stage is a reality. It’s a plot twist that everyone wanted but nobody expected. But the proof is in the pudding — or make that the videos from his Euro tour opener in Stockholm, Sweden, which are pouring onto the net like water from a broken pipe. We’ve already seen a few clips of old favorites such as “Chicken Grease” and “Sh-t Damn Motherf–ker,” but R&B Jesus also blessed the audience with new songs entitled “The Charade” and “Sugar Daddy.” The newness didn’t stop there, however. A peek at the set list and detailed reports from people who were at the concert show that he has a few unheard until now tracks in his arsenal. Here is video of one more fresh outta the oven track, “Another Life,” a slow jam that sounds as if it samples The Stylistics‘ “You Make Me Feel Brand New” and finds D playing the piano, tapping into his falsetto, and culminating in his controlled wails. It doesn’t matter that this footage is fuzzier than a cotton ball or that we can barely make out D’Angelo on stage at the piano much less understand all the words to the song. What I can hear is enough to have me swooning and waving a lighter from side to side in the air, though. D’Angelo simply has me caught up in the rapture. I’m not ashamed, and I’m not alone. Watch. Enjoy. Rinse. Repeat.

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