Adrian Younge's 'Lady' Is A Lovely Sight

When it comes to paying homage to the past, Adrian Younge has mastered the art. His first EP, 2000's Venice Dawn, with its heavy '60's stylings, before stepping into the blaxpoitation era when he edited 2008's Black Dynamite, in addition to composing the entire film's score. What's old is new, in more ways than one now with the recent revisit to the Venice Dawn project, re-released as Something About April on Wax Poetics. Envisioned as a soundtrack for a fictional movie, Something About April is filled to the brim with the throwback pscyhedelic sound that garnered buzz years ago. So it's only fitting that the visuals for the album's first single, "Lovely Lady," are an exercise in the days of old. The video manages to capture the classic feel of '70's film so realistically that it's hard to believe this wasn't really a relic left over from then. From the clothing to the onscreen font, right down to the grainy film, every detail works as a perfect match for the song's classic feel. And with former Motown guitarist Dennis Coffey featured on the song, Younge recaptures the glamorously psychdelic vibe that came to define that oh-so-funky era.

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