Yahzarah Unwraps A ‘Lonely’ Christmas Classic

As a general rule, I avoid Christmas music as much as possible. It’s prompted my friends to call me a multitude of Grinches and Scrooges, but I’ll be all of that. It’s not that it’s all bad (though there a quite a few dubious “classics”), but more so the fact that it’s everywhere: In the malls, on the radio, on TV, playing from decorations, being sung by choirs…you get the point. However, one of my favorite songs, Christmas or not, has always been The Emotions‘ timeless “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?” And now, as a gift to all of us lovers of real music, D.C.’s own Yahzarah has blessed us with her very own version of the actual classic. If anybody could cover this song and do it justice, it would be Yahzarah, and she does it oh so well. And producer Dre King finds the balance of the happiness of the holidays and the melancholy of the song. Of course, being that this is the giving season after all, she’s giving away this rendition for the free over on her Bandcamp page. So if you, like me, will be spending your holidays solo, go ahead and put on that ugly Christmas sweater, pour a little extra bourbon in your egg nog, and play this. #nohumbug

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