Prince Is Still 'Extraloveable'

My lifetime Prince stan membership card is under review after sleeping on his most recent release, the new single "Extraloveable." My only excuse is that it dropped on Thanksgiving Day, and I was in and out of a food coma. Yes, that was last week, but it wasn't until a quick trip to my girl Audio Diva's blog yesterday reminded me of this present waiting to be unwrapped from his Royal Prettiness. Prince released "Extraloveable" to celebrate last weekend's Welcome 2 Canada Tour kickoff, and Prince stans and fans celebrated this track, originally recorded during the 1999 sessions in 1982, finally being released, albeit a re-recording of the oft-bootlegged original. Not sure what led him to let this one loose from his infamous vault, but better 29 years late than never. The original is dope, and I hate that we missed out on jamming to it all this time, but his new version cranks in its own funky way. When Prince begins with the words "Hey suga/I know it's been a minute/but I got to get up in it" you know it's about to be a very serious matter. P's latest protege and Bounce-Worthy cutie Andy Allo even spits a hot 16 like a sweet cherry on top. People are speculating about whether this unearthed track signals that Prince will be releasing and/or re-recording more long lost goodies, but I don't want to get my hopes up. Prince will do whatever Prince wants to do whenever Prince wants to do it. And I'll love him just the same.

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