Jesse Boykins III & FS Green Aren't 'Thru' With Us Yet

Last year this time if you would have told me that 2011 would come and go without a new album from Jesse Boykins III, I would have looked at you crazy. Well, here we are with just a few days left in the year and there's still no new album. Sure he dropped the Way of a Wayfarer freEP, but I still don't have Jesse's Love Apparatus in my hands. (Wait...What?) However, while that project gets sorted out, what I do have is another remix of his song "B4 The Night Is Thru" to keep me busy. Looking through my iTunes, I have amassed five remixes of this song now, but this one by Dutchman FS Green is by and far my favorite. Green gives "B4 The Night Is Thru" a soul-clapping, foot-stomping soulful house makeover with his "FS Green ElectroLove Remix." Jesse's voice blends well with the production, and he should really consider adding more house music to his repertoire. This joint makes me want to work up a good sweat on the dance floor. While you're compiling your New Year's Eve playlists, this would make a dandy addition.

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