Frank Ocean Ends The Year With A Double Dose

By now you guys should know that if there's a new Frank Ocean track, I'm going to be on it. So you already know that, with two Frankie O. tracks leaking over the holiday, a post from me would soon come. While everybody at SBHQ might not understand the allure of Mr. Ocean, it's something about his styling and earnest song lyrics that just speaks to me. That being said, I'm not necessarily a fan of "4 Tears." A demo that Frank himself leaked on his Tumblr, it has a promising sound to it, but it doesn't feel like a fully-realized idea lyrically or musically just yet. "Girlfriend's Best Friend," however, does sound fully realized. Essentially four minutes of a guy letting his bestie's boyfriend know that if he keeps acting foul, he'll steal her away. While it's lyrically rather pedestrian for Mr. Ocean, it's still a very well-rounded track that would definitely catch on with the masses. My only quibble is that the singer on the track definitely doesn't sound like
Frank, or at least not the Frank that we're used to. Is it or isn't it? I'll let you guys be the judges. "Girlfriend's Best Friend" is rumored to be the official first single from his oft-delayed Nostalgia, LITE, so let us pray that this means the actual album will soon come.

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