What Will 'You Say' About Keith Sweat's Latest Video?

Another day, another lackluster music video from an established artist who should know better and therefore do better. Today's yawner comes to us from Keith Sweat, who isn't exactly known for his must-see videos, but there would have been no better time than the present to reverse the trend. Sadly Keith didn't get the memo, and we've gotten a color-by-numbers R&B slow jam video for his new single "Make You Say Ooh." Here we have Keith trying to put his mack down on a rather youthful looking lead "actress" who may be young but she's ready. He's singing on a rooftop at night while she seductively dances behind him. Later she's in a bathtub and writhing around in bed by herself. From the looks of it she'll be making herself say ooh because Keith is nowhere to be found in those scenes, which makes no sense in a song where he says "I'm gon kiss you to your panty lines." Some sexy interaction between them would have been nice without getting too raunchy. Anything would be better than this bore.

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