Wale Has The 'Bomb' Imagination

Wale and Miguel's collaboration on "Lotus Flower Bomb" is in heavy rotation around SBHQ. Due in large part to our deep love for the latter and still trying to figure out exactly what the hell a "Lotus Flower Bomb" is. We get some clues in the song's music video, which is both amusing and sexy, a winning combination if there ever was one. Wale plays a deliveryman who is trying to holla at a salon receptionist played by America's Next Top Model alumnae Bre Scullark, but she ain't having it. Or so you think because next thing you know she warms up to him and temperatures rise in a few sensual scenes. Then Wale wakes up from his wet daydream. Whoops! The video is dope and matches the vibe of the track. Nicely done, fellas.

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