Symbolyc One To Teach Production 101

Symbolyc One, who first came to the attention of many as a member of Strange Fruit Project, is enjoying a wave of notoriety this year thanks to productions for Beyoncé (4's "Best Thing I Never Had") and Jay-Z and Kanye West (Watch the Throne's "Murder to Excellence"). Not one to keep all his knowledge to himself, S1 will join Solano Music Group to host an online seminar that will coach aspiring music producers on how to be successful. The seminar will focus on the necessary steps for protecting music; the art of music deal negotiation; and the process of creating a platinum-selling song. Not everybody wants to be a performer, some would rather work behind the scenes and, while it can be just as difficult to break into the music business that way as it is to become a breakout a star, there is guidance for those who want to do just that.
To attend the seminar to be held online on November 28th, register at the Future Music Industry website.

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