Nicolay With The Hot At Nights Take A Jazzy Excursion Back To 'Shibuya'

There are those moments in time when you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when something major happened even when you can't recall what you had for breakfast two days ago. That will forever be the case for me whenever I think about learning of Heavy D's death yesterday right when I was in the middle of giving Nicolay's new project with The Hot At Nights, the instrumental jazz Shibuya Session EP, a good listen. I tried to carry my listening party on, but that good listen turned into a good and ugly cry when the melancholy notes of "Inner Garden" hit my ear. That's not to say that the music isn't great, because this eight-song collection of new interpretations and arrangements of instrumentals from Nicolay's 2009 album, City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya, is pretty excellent. This half of The Foreign Exchange linked up with the three-piece exploratory jazz outfit The Hot At Nights made up of Chris Boerner, Matt Douglas, and Nick Baglio on this EP, which is quite refreshing and shows another side of Nic's multi-dimensional talent. These renditions breathe new life into the music from City Lights Vol 2: Shibuya with the addition of live instrumentation to the previous electronic landscapes that Nicolay painted on songs such as "Shibuya Station." Even casual listeners of jazz (such as myself) and those with ears open to all types of music (such as myself) will appreciate Shibuya Session, which is available as a free download to sweeten the pot for any skeptics out there.  

In addition to releasing Shibuya Session, Nicolay with The Hot At Nights will be going on tour to support the project. Kicking off in January in their home state of North Carolina, the  13-date tour will hit cities such s Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia, DC, NYC, and Boston to name a few. Check the entire schedule below and make plans to get the Shibuya Session experience live and in living color.

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