Frank Ocean Is 'Back' Once Again

After having no new Frank Ocean news for nearly a month (a veritable drought considering how often his material has leaked in the past), we bring you yet another new track from the Odd Future crooner himself. "Back" is Frank aiming for the pop rafters and succeeding. It has everything a modern pop ballad needs. Slightly sappy romantic lyrics? Check. Dramatic synth and strings? Check. An epic, singable chorus that amps up the emotion? Check. The only thing this needs is a video featuring him standing in front of his loved one's house with a boombox blasting this song. All in all, it's a pretty decent effort, though it doesn't move me like "Swim Good," "Lovecrimes," or "Novacane" did when I first heard them. While we haven't heard any new word on when we can expect Nostalgia, LITE (my guess: never), we can probably take solace that there will more than likely be more "unofficial" leaks coming from his camp. For now, you can check out "Back" right here.

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