DJ Shadow & Little Dragon Give You Quirky On A Grand 'Scale'

Before I begin to talk about the new video for DJ Shadow's "Scale It Back," I'd like to address an error I made when I previously wrote about the song. "Scale It Back" does feature Yukimi Nagano on vocals, but it also features her other Little Dragon brethren as well. Sorry for the exclusion, guys! Now back to the matter at hand, the video treatment that's been given for the song is, well, weird. We're introduced to Ben Pridmore, Memory Man who shows us his trick to memorizing a deck of cards in order (a damn good party trick by the way). What does this have to do with the song, you ask? Absolutely nothing, but it's still an entertaining piece of film. I won't give away what exactly his trick is, but I will say that it involves a hummingbird being eaten by a giant snake which plays a tambourine which signals a catapult to launch a parrot to get a medallion from a sofa where there's a pterodactyl which pushes a shopping know what, just watch the video.

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