Common Takes Us To Haiti's Streets In 'Sweet'

We already heard Common go the hardest he has in years and say it with his chest when his next single, "Sweet," surfaced earlier this month. Quite the uncharacteristic track for the typically calm Com, he is lyrically shanking someone like his name was Adebisi. Who is the object of his wrath? Who knows, but while you speculate take a gander at the song's music video filmed on location in Haiti. The country is still suffering from the devastation left behind by the 2010 earthquake, and you can see that pain still present on the faces of the locals featured in these gritty visuals. This video premiered Monday night in a pay-per-view situation with all proceeds going toward the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. Feel free to pause and donate to the cause after you watch Common spit hot fire in these Haitian streets.

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