Check Out Anthony Hamilton's Unofficial 'Project'

Keeping up with your favorite artists has never been as difficult as it is now in these digital times. Rewind a few years and all you had to do was keep it locked on their official website or Myspace page and await the announcement of a new single/album. Now, what with the plethora of leaks, buzz singles, and free releases, it's seemingly impossible to stay ahead. Well, thanks to the good folks at BamaLoveSoul, fans of Anthony Hamilton need not worry, as they have painstakingly taken the time to scour the web and compile a compilation of the Southern soulman's unofficial tracks, most have which have dropped this year. The comprehensive, 20-track collection contains some of the the great, and not-so-great tracks we have featured on these very pages, but those are only the tip of a rather large iceberg. Check out the funky, mid-tempo duet "After All" (extra points if you can identify the female vocalist...I can't) below, then head here to grab your free download.

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