Can Rebecca Ferguson Stand ‘Shoulder To Shoulder’ With The Best The UK Has To Offer?

As this year’s X Factor UK descends into chaos, with the popular being preferred to the talented, allegations of backstage bullying and most recently a drug-fueled sex scandal, it’s no wonder that these type of programs are ridiculed for being little more than poor amateur dramatics and a cash cow for Simon Cowell. However, there are small mercies that go some way to make up for all the negativity, and one such mercy is last year’s runner-up, Rebecca Ferguson. We already gave you a glimpse at her debut single, “Nothing’s Real But Love,” which admittedly I wasn’t a fan of, but footage has surfaced of her doing an acoustic take on another of her upcoming album tracks, “Shoulder To Shoulder.” Written by Rebecca, the track is hardly ground-breakingly original, but her vocals are pretty flawless and she has a uniqueness to her voice that I havn’t heard for a while. Her album, Heaven, is scheduled to be released in the UK on December 5th, and I for one will be checking it out.

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